Innovation in Magnetic Field Measuring Instruments

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Magnetic Field Gradiometers

Bartington Instruments provides a number of single and three-axis fluxgate magnetic field gradiometers for measuring the gradient of magnetic fields.

Grad-01-1000L    This high stability single axis fluxgate gradient sensor has a 1m separation between the sensing elements and an effective sensitivity of 0.03nT/m and very low drift. Capable of remote operation over long cables. Applications include geophysical surveying, archaeology, UXO detection, pipeline detection and forensics.

Grad-03 This gradiometer combines two three-axis fluxgate sensors mounted on a beam, and provides a high-accuracy measurement of the magnetic field gradient between them. It has a resolution up to 1nT, and is available in land and marine versions, with baseline options from 300mm up to 1m. It also includes an analogue correction unit for correction of scaling, offset and alignment errors. Applications are in UXO detection, pipe & cable location, and geophysical surveys. The marine Grad-03M can operate to a depth of up to 5000m.  

Grad-13   A versatile digital three-axis magnetic field gradiometer for high resolution vector measurements on land or in water, with a measuring range of ±100µT. The unit includes a temperature sensor and accelerometer, giving environmental and positioning information. Typically used for detection of buried magnetic objects such as UXO. It is submersible to a depth of 200m, and can be deployed down boreholes. It can also be used for residual signature analysis for smaller objects such as AUVs.

Grad601    This is a single axis vertical component fluxgate gradiometer, comprised of either one or two Grad-01-1000L gradiometers mounted on a rigid carrying bar, together with a data logger and battery power pack. Typical applications are archaeology, pipeline detection, UXO detection, geophysical surveying and forensics. 

Non-Magnetic Cart    A lightweight cart made from carbon fibre, designed to carry up to 12 Grad-13 or Grad-01 gradiometers as well as their data logger and battery power. It can be used by a single operator or towed behind a vehicle.