Innovation in Magnetic Field Measuring Instruments

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Magnetic Susceptibility Systems

Bartington offers a variety of instruments for use in the laboratory or remote locations for measuring magnetic susceptibility, the degree of magnetisation acquired by materials subjected to an external magnetic field. The range of applications where the equipment can be used includes Environmental Magnetics, Material analysis, quality control of magnetic nanoparticles, inks and pigments. The equipment can also be used in Oil & Gas exploration

MS2/MS3 Magnetic Susceptibility Equipment. This versatile system has a wide range of interchangeable sensors and probes for laboratory, field and downhole applications. Measurements up to 2x10-6 SI (volumetric). Applications include environmental magnetism, archaeology, quality control and characterisation of magnetic nano-particles.

BSS-02B Borehole Magnetic Susceptibility Sonde. A magnetic susceptibility system designed for operation in boreholes to a depth of 6000m. Overall diameter is 42mm. Used in mineral exploration and for stratigraphic correlation.