Innovation in Magnetic Field Measuring Instruments

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Single Axis Fluxgate Magnetometers

Single axis fluxgate magnetometers

Bartington manufacture a number of single-axis sensors for a range of general applications:

Mag-01H Portable, high resolution, general purpose DC field monitor with a 4½ digit display, for a wide range of cryogenic and ambient temperature measurements of magnetic fields from 0.1nT to 2mT.

Mag-01H DI An integrated, high resolution (±0.1nT) system using a theodolite mounted probe for measuring the declination and inclination of the geomagnetic field. 

Mag678/679 Low power magnetic field sensors ±60µT or ±100µT full scale, low noise option ≤10pT (Mag678 only), bandwidth to 1kHz (Mag679 only), submersible option (Mag678S/679S), useful for battery powered applications e.g. surveillance.    

Mag670  Low cost, compact, versatile general purpose sensor, measuring ranges ±100µT, ±500µT or ±1000µT, also available unpackaged.

Mag646 Low cost, unpackaged, compact, versatile general purpose sensor, measuring ranges ±100µT, ±500µT or ±1000µT. 

Mag592 This is a lightweight high-performance single axis magnetometer, specifically designed to have near-zero radio frequency emissions, and is intended for use in environments where radio interference has to be minimised; a particular application is in measuring fields around MRI systems.