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Single Axis Fluxgate Magnetometers

Bartington Instruments manufactures many single axis fluxgate sensors and magnetometers.

Mag-01H This is a portable, high resolution magnetometer, with measuring range up to ±2mT, and maximum display resolution of 0.1nT. This fluxgate probe includes longitudinal and transverse variants for ambient temperature, and longitudinal for cryogenic applications.

Mag-01H D/I This high accuracy declinometer/inclinometer unit includes a high-stability fluxgate probe mounted on a non-magnetic optical theodolite. Its display resolution is as lows as 0.1nT. It is commonly used in intermagnet observatories for high precision measurement of the declination and inclination of the Earth's magnetic field.

Mag646 This low-cost, unpackaged, single axis sensor, offers a measuring range from ±100µT to ±1000µT. Two sensing element orientations are available. It is used mainly for detection of magnetic material.

Mag670 A low-cost, packaged, single axis sensor with measuring range from ±100µT to ±1000µT. Two sensing element orientations are available. It is mainly used for detection of magnetic material.

Mag678/679 This low power sensor offers a measuring range of ±60µT or ±100µT, and a low noise option below 10pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz. It is available with bandwidth of 1kHz (Mag679 only). It is available with a range of enclosures, including submersible. It is well-suited to battery powered and surveillance applications.

Mag592 This is a single axis sensor with low emitted radio-frequency radiation, measuring ranges from ±70µT to ±1000µT, and bandwidth up to 2kHz. Typical applications include magnetic field measurement around permanent magnet MRI.