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Three-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometers

Three-axis fluxgate magnetometers

Bartington Instruments offer a wide range of three-axis magnetometers suited to different applications and operating environments.

General Purpose

Mag-03 General purpose sensors, versions ±70µT to ±1000µT, bandwidth up to 3kHz, range of enclosures, noise levels < 6pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz.

Mag-13 General purpose sensors, with very low noise option (< 4pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz). Ranges ±60µT and ±100µT. Bandwidth up to 3kHz. Range of enclosures, environmentally sealed and with test coils.

Mag612 Two-part sensor, consisting of probe and separate electronics connected by a cable up to 3 metres. Noise level ≤ 20pTrms/ √Hz at 1Hz. Schematic available to help customers design their own electronics.

Mag639 Wide bandwidth of 12kHz, designed for use in TDEM (Time Domain Electromagnetics). 

Mag690 Low cost general purpose sensor, versions ±100µT to ±1000µT, frequency response DC to 1kHz, range of enclosures, noise levels < 20pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz.

Mag619  Miniature three-axis sensor in two parts, with a lightweight compact magnetic probe and unpackaged electronics. 

Low Power 

Mag648/649 Low power sensor, ±60µT or ±100µT full scale, low noise option ≤ 10pT (Mag648 only), bandwidth extended to 1kHz (Mag649 only),submersible option (Mag648S/649S), useful for battery powered applications.

Mag650 Unpackaged low power sensor with narrow noise band, suited for integration into a cylindrical enclosure. Low noise specification: >10 to ≤ 50pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz.

Mag651 Unpackaged low power sensor with narrow noise band.
Mag658 Unpackaged digital three-axis magnetometer with a digital RS422 interface incorporating integral accelerometers to indicate sensor positioning.
Low Radiation
Mag585 This is a lightweight high-performance three-axis magnetometer, specifically designed to have near-zero radio frequency emissions, and is intended for use in environments where radio interference has to be minimised; a particular application is in measuring fields around MRI systems.
Metrolab Products
Bartington Instruments supply Metrolab Technology's TFM1186 Hall Effect magnetometer and THM1176 fluxgate magnetometer. Both are available either as desktop application or hand-held device.