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DAS1 Data Acquisition System with Mag639 DAS1 Data Acquisition System DAS1 Data Acquisition System

DAS1 Data Acquisition System

The DAS1 is a versatile, high performance multi-sensor data acquisition unit consisting of analogue conditioning, 18-bit A-D conversion and a powerful built-in PC for running data analysis software. Intended for use with large arrays of sensors, it provides sampling, recording and processing of measurements from a wide range of sensors in one self-contained unit. Measurements can be displayed on a separate, plugged-in monitor.

The modular system is supplied in a rugged, portable 19-inch rack-style case, containing a PXI-based chassis with PC and A-D conversion modules, and with Bartington’s programmable Decaport Analogue Interface Module. The standard rack includes one or two Decaports but larger racks accommodating up to 16 Decaports are available, giving the capacity to support up to 160 three-axis magnetic field sensors. The unit is supplied running Windows XP along with basic LabVIEW applications for rapid creation of a working system.

Typical applications: • Land and marine magnetic signature ranges • Monitoring of sensor arrays in geophysics e.g. EM studies.

Compatible with: • most Bartington single and three-axis magnetic field sensors.

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