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Data Acquisition and Conditioning Units

Bartington’s data acquisition systems and conditioning units match specific needs for analogue conditioning, A/D conversion, magnetic field and vibration spectrum analysis, standalone signal conditioning and power supply.

    PSU1 Power Supply Unit – battery powered portable unit providing power supply for a three-axis magnetic field sensor and AC filtering of the sensor's XYZ outputs.

    Magmeter / Magmeter-2 Power Supply and Display Units – a PSU1 with the addition of three displays providing readings of the magnetic field values with a maximum resolution of 10nT (Magmeter-2).

    Spectramag-6 Data Acquisition Unit – 6 x 24-bit synchronous digitisation of outputs from magnetic field sensors, accelerometers or acoustic sensors, programmable analogue amplification, AC filter.

    SCU1 Signal Conditioning Unit – mains powered unit providing power supply and data conditioning for three-axis magnetic field sensors, with selectable amplification, AC filtering and offset back-off.

    Mag-03DAM Data Acquisition Module – battery powered 24-bit data acquisition unit for magnetic field sensors, designed for processing DC and Low Frequency signals.

    Decaport Analogue Interface Module – mains powered, digitally controlled power supply and conditioning unit for up to 10 three-axis magnetic field sensors.

    DAS1 Data Acquisition System – comprises a PXI system to control multiple Decaports for the data conditioning and power supply of up to 160 magnetic field sensors.