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Defence Marine

Defence: Marine

marine applications for three-axis fluxgate magnetometers and magnetic field sensors


Bartington Instruments has particular expertise in producing high precision instruments and systems to meet the specialised needs of defence forces and contractors operating in the marine environment.

The submersible Mag-03RC magnetometer is used in magnetic ranges in conjunction with the DAS1 data acquisition system to measure the signature of naval vessels during degaussing operations. 

For active degaussing control, the Mag-03MSS three-axis sensor is used as a masthead magnetometer with the Mag-03DAM data acquisition module.

For harbour surveillance, there is a choice of magnetometer to suit individual requirements, e.g. in terms of power, bandwidth and proximity to shore. The Mag-03RC is suitable for operation with cables of up to 2km in length. The Mag648S low power sensor is designed for applications where power is constrained. The Mag-03MSS is selected for its compact size and wide bandwidth. Offshore, the Mag648S sensor is used in surveillance around platforms and in buoy-based detection systems.

For underwater unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection and magnetic anomaly detection, the Grad-03 three-axis marine gradiometer can be selected.

Mag-03 three-axis sensors can be used in land ranges for magnetic screening of components during the construction of naval ships. The Mag613 submersible magnetometer array is ideal for magnetic signature analysis of models during the ship design process.