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Export Licences - Dual-use items

All sensors with noise below 10pT/√Hz @ 1Hz will be listed as dual-use. The following sensors are classified as dual-use and will require an export licence.They are listed as entry 6A006a3 in the UK Strategic Export Control List.

  • Mag-03 low noise and standard version (all packages)
  • Mag-13 (all versions)
  • Mag648 low noise (all packages)
  • Mag649 low noise (all packages)
  • Mag678 low noise (all packages)
  • Mag679 low noise (all packages)
  • Mag612 Probe alone, or Probe supplied with Mag612-RTUDE and Mag612-RTPDE
  • Mag610
  • Mag611

The Helmholtz Coil Systems are also enter subject to dual-use rules because of their potential use in the manufacture and calibration of magnetic sensors.They are classified as 7B103 in the UK Strategic Export Control List.


There are exemptions for the following countries:

  • All EU countries
  • Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and USA (exported under the Community General Export Authorisation).
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