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Near Surface Geophysics


Scanning with a Grad60-1 gradiometer on the beach


Applications in Near Surface Geophysics
Bartington Instruments offers customers an array of magnetic field measurement instruments suitable for a range of near surface geophysics applications, including pipe and cable location and unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection.

The Grad601-2 gradiometer can be used for surveys to check for the presence of significant underground features, whether pipes, cables, UXO or archaeological monuments.

Bartington Instruments' Grad-03 gradiometers are used on land and at sea. In marine applications some customers have also utilised the Grad-01-1000L sensor, having waterproofed it and integrated it into their own systems.

The Grad-03 gradiometer or Mag-03MSS can be lowered into exploration boreholes to check the magnetic signatures of layers that have been exposed.

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