Bartington produces a range of three-axis and single axis fluxgate magnetometers that are suited for a wide variety of applications within a typical environment. A single axis sensor will measure the strength of a magnetic field in a specific direction, while a three-axis sensor will measure the vector components of the field to indicate strength and direction.

Single axis magnetometers

Mag-01/Mag-01H Single Axis Magnetometer – portable, high resolution, general purpose DC field monitor with a 4½ digit display, for a wide range of cryogenic and ambient temperature measurements of magnetic fields from 0.1nT to 2mT.

Mag670 Single Axis Magnetic Field Sensor – low cost, compact, versatile general purpose sensor, measuring ranges ±100µT, ±500µT or ±1000µT, also available unpackaged.

Mag-01H Declinometer/Inclinometer System – an integrated, high resolution (±0.1nT) system using a theodolite mounted probe for measuring the declination and inclination of the geomagnetic field.

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