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Mag-13MC100 sensor submarine image Mag-13MS100 sensor

Mag-13 Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensors

The Mag-13 series of sensors for high precision magnetic field measurements have a bandwidth of 3kHz, and measuring ranges of ±60μT, ±70μT, ±100μT, ±500μT or ±1000μT. Four noise levels are available:

  • Standard: 6-10pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
  • Low ‘L’: <6pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
  • Very low ‘Q’: <5pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
  • Ultra low ‘Z’: <4pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz

Cylindrical, square section and deep submersible enclosures are available, together with an unpackaged version. Packaged sensors are environmentally sealed and shielded from electrical interference, while all have an integrated test coil that removes the need for a separate calibration unit, and a temperature sensor.

Typical applications: • Measurements of the geomagnetic and other background fields • Use as feedback sensors in active shielding systems for electron microscopes • Measurement of the effectiveness of passive shielding • Orientation sensing • Magnetic signature ranges and other defence systems • Geophysics exploration.

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