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Mag648 magnetic field sensor San Diego Mag648U unpackaged magnetic field sensor

Mag648 and Mag649 Low Power Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensors

Small sized three-axis magnetic field sensors enabling low noise magnetic field measurements with exceptional measurement sensitivity. With less than 15mW power consumption and high environmental protection, these instruments are ideal for battery powered applications and as part of multi-sensor perimeter arrays.

Designed for surveillance and perimeter security applications, the Mag648 is available in variants suitable for use on land or underwater (submersible to 2000m). The Mag649 offers similar functionality but with bandwidth extended to 1kHz. Unpackaged versions can also be supplied.

Typical applications: • Vehicle monitoring & detection • Perimeter security and surveillance • Multi-sensor magnetic signature ranges • Magnetic field measurement in remote locations.

Compatible with: • PSU1 Power Supply UnitMagmeter / Magmeter-2 Power Supply and Display UnitsSCU1 Signal Conditioning UnitDecaport Analogue Interface ModuleDAS1 Data Acquisition System.

Export: an export licence issued by the UK Export Control Organisation is required for these products due to their dual-use nature. Contact sales@bartington.com for further information.

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