Innovation in Magnetic Field Measuring Instruments

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Magnetic Susceptibility Systems

magnetic susceptibility scanning magnetic susceptibility scanning magnetic susceptibility scanning

Magnetic Susceptibility Equipment

Bartington offers a variety of instruments, for use in the laboratory or remote locations, for measuring the magnetic charge acquired by materials subjected to an alternating magnetic field.

    MS2/MS3 Magnetic Susceptibility Equipment – versatile system with wide range of interchangeable sensors and probes for laboratory, field and downhole applications. Measurements to 2 x 10-6 SI (volumetric). Applications include climatology; soil, pollution and erosion studies; archaeology; and quality control.

    BSS-02B Borehole Magnetic Susceptibility Sonde – MS equipment that operates in boreholes to a depth of 6000m. Overall diameter of 42mm. Used in mineral exploration and stratigraphic correlation.