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MS2/MS3 Magnetic Susceptibility System

The MS2/MS3 System is a highly versatile and reliable tool recognised as the world standard for environmental magnetic susceptibility measurements. It comprises a meter with a range of sensors and probes for measuring the magnetic susceptibility of many types of material including soils, rocks, powders and liquids, suitable for use in the laboratory and in the field.

Utilised by academic and research establishments in many countries, this magnetic susceptibility system operates by generating a low frequency, low intensity, AC magnetic field. When sample material is placed in the sensing area, the resulting change in permeability is sensed by the system and converted to magnetic susceptibility readings for both positive and negative (diamagnetic) values, to a resolution of 2 x 10- 6 SI units. The sensors are temperature compensated to minimise drift during use.

Typical applications: • Geological and soil surveys • Palaeomagnetics • Archaeological prospecting • Palaeoclimatic studies • Hydrology • Sedimentology • Core logging/correlation • Pollution studies • Quality control in industrial processes • Analysis of ferrites and magnetic inks • Study of micro/nano magnetic particles and fluids.

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Exterior photograph courtesy of PACEA, CNRS & University of Bordeaux

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