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Helmholtz Coil Systems

Date: 31-Jul-2018
Bartington Instruments now offers Helmholtz coil systems in diameters of 350mm (HC9 & HC16), 500mm (HC1™) or 1m (HC2™). Also available are 1.3m (BH1300) and 2m (BHC2000) Ferronato™ Helmholtz coils. The coils generate stable and homogeneous AC and DC magnetic fields in up to..
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Portable Spinning Magnetometer Announced

Date: 30-Jul-2018
Bartington is pleased to offer a portable spinning magnetometer ideal for palaeomagnetic investigations. It can measure remanent magnetisation of standard inch core samples, in the laboratory and in the field. The device has a rugged, lightweight design, has a battery that lasts up to 5 days..
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New Sales Executive

Date: 04-Jul-2018
As Bartington continues to expand its customer base, we have added a new person to our sales team. Dimitrios Mouselemidis, originally from Greece, graduated in Geology at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki in 2012, before moving to the UK, where in 2016 he gained an MSc in Petroleum Geosci..
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