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DecaPSU Multi-Sensors Power Supply

DecaPSU power supply and signal conditioning unit

The low noise DecaPSU powers up to ten Bartington Instruments three-axis magnetic field sensors. It is ideal for use in a multi-sensor system, and provides a power supply of ±15V DC for compatible sensors. The DecaPSU is rack-mounted and AC-line powered. It includes anti-aliasing filters to ensure the quality of the sensors' signal to the digitiser.

DecaPSU | Application

The DecaPSU can be used in any application that requires a single power supply to multiple fixed, distributed, sensors. It is ideal for multi-sensor cancellation systems.

  • Powers ten magnetometers from the mains without increasing system noise
  • 4-pole anti-alias filter
  • Sensors are connected to the front of the unit
  • Compatible with most Bartington Instruments magnetometers

Compatible with:

Most Bartington Instruments single and three-axis magnetic field sensors.

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