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GF603 Three-Axis Fluxgate Gaussmeter

This three-axis handheld Fluxgate gaussmeter, from COLIY, it combines a compact display unit with our Mag690 three-axis fluxgate sensor, making it an excellent choice for measuring low-intensity magnetic fields. It operates in AC and DC magnetic fields. DC measurements are shown with a resolution of 0.1nT (accuracy of 0.5%). AC measurements are shown with a resolution of 0.1μT (accuracy of 1%).

The GF603 is available in three range options: ±100μT, ±500μT and ±1000μT.

Typical applications:

• Low-intensity magnetic field measurement

• Measuring residual magnetisation


• Range ±100μT, ±500μT and ±1000μT

 Resolution up to 0.1nT

• AC/DC measurement mode

• Frequency response in DC 1kHz

• Stability ±1nT/axis (8 hours at 25°C) 

• Real-time spectrum analysis

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