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Grad-01-1000L Single Axis Gradient Sensor

Fluxgate magnetic gradient sensor | Grad-01

This high-stability and high-resolution fluxgate gradient sensor has a 1m separation between the sensing elements and an effective sensitivity of 0.03nT/m. The exceptional temperature stability of this sensor ensures minimal drift during surveys and reduces the need for adjustment. These sensors can be used on a handheld system, the Grad601, or can be easily mounted onto a cart for multi-sensor arrays.

The gradient sensor is housed in a rugged, lightweight 38mm-diameter enclosure which is fully sealed for operation under wet conditions. Two selectable ranges allow an increase in measuring range and resolution. An option for a higher bandwidth sensor is also available.

It can be integrated into specially designed non-magnetic cart together with DL601 data loggers and a BC601 battery cassette, along with the necessary cables and acquisition software can be provided.

Grad-01 | Applications

Grad-01 is ideal for integration into multi-sensor instruments for archaeological surveys and unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection. It is designed for use alone or as one element in a gradiometer array for rapid data collection over large areas.


  • Each sensor contains electronics and non-volatile memory for calibration data storage, and can be operated independently, over long cables, if required
  • Operates from a 12V unregulated power supply
  • Frequency response of DC to 10Hz (200Hz option available) and a switchable range between ±100nT/m (±1mGauss/m) and ±1000nT/m (±10mGauss/m)
  • Analogue output ±4V full scale
  • Interface allows directional and offset errors of the sensing elements to be nulled electronically


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