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Grad-13 Digital Three-Axis Gradiometer

Grad-13 Digital Three-Axis GradiometerGrad-13 Digital Three-Axis GradiometerROV


Digital three-axis gradiometer | Grad-13
The Grad-13 is a versatile magnetic field gradiometer for high resolution vector measurements on land or in water (submersible to 200m). 
It consists of two three-axis magnetic field sensors on a baseline of 500mm, 750mm or 1000mm, with a measuring range of ±100µT. Temperature data is also available, and the instrument includes an integrated three-axis accelerometer.

Typical applications: 

  • Archaeological prospecting
  • Pipe and cable location
  • Detection of buried magnetic anomalies by surface or downhole surveys

This product is compatible with the Non-Magnetic Cart.

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