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Magnetic gradiometer system | Grad601-2
The Grad601-2 is a high-resolution fluxgate gradiometer, used for measuring minute variations in the magnetic field that are caused by hidden anomalies in the ground, such as archaeological disturbances, geophysical features, pipes, cables, waste drums or unexploded ordnance (UXO).

The full system includes a data logger, a battery cassette, and either one or two Grad-01-1000L sensors mounted on a rigid carrying bar. Calibration is easy following an automated procedure.The data logger’s non-volatile flash memory will hold surveyed grids. These can be downloaded as individual files, so different-size grids may be recorded during a survey.

For GPS-based surveys, a cart system can be supplied for mounting of Grad-01-1000L sensors. Further details can be found on the Non-Magnetic Cart page.

Grad601 | Applications
Grad601 is used for archaeological prospecting, forensics, UXO detection, and pipe, cable and drum location.


• Electronic adjustment

• Selectable resolution 0.01nT or 0.1nT (Grid mode); 0.1nT (NMEA mode)

• 50Hz or 60Hz filter for mains rejection 

How to set up the Grad-601-2

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