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HC9 350mm Helmholtz Coils

Helmholtz Coil systems | HC9

Bartington Instruments' Helmholtz Coil systems consist of an assemblies of up to three pairs of coils designed to provide stable homogeneous magnetic fields. The HC9 system has a nominal diameter of 350mm, a drive amplifier (PA1) that runs from a standard mains socket; and a control unit (CU1) to interface with the National Instruments™ PXI control system that governs the operation of the system. Each pair of coils generates a magnetic field in one specific axis -  X, Y or Z. 

When used with the PA1 power amplifier the HC9 system can generate a homogeneous magnetic field of up to 1mT from DC to 440Hz, and in excess 100μT at 5kHz. The HC9 produces a < 0.1% error homogeneous field of volume 175cm3, or a < 1% error homogeneous field of 1150cm.

As the smallest of the Bartington Instruments range of Helmholtz Coils, it is designed for high precision calibration of smaller devices and electronic components.

Note: This product is classified as dual-use and requires an export licence outside the EU. See the Export Licences page for further details.

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