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HC1 500mm Helmholtz Coils

HC1 3-axis HelmHoltz Coil Assembly

Helmholtz Coil systems | HC1

Bartington Instruments' Helmholtz Coil systems consist of an assemblies of up to three pairs of coils designed to provide stable homogeneous magnetic fields. The HC1 system has a diameter of 500mm, a drive amplifier (PA1) that runs from a standard mains socket; and a control unit (CU1) to interface with the PXI control system that governs the operation of the system. Each pair of coils generates a magnetic field in one specific axis -  X, Y or Z. The two-axis version is available with any combination: X+Y, X+Z or Y+Z.

The coil pairs generate a homogeneous magnetic field, up to 500μT at DC and up to 100μT at 3kHz. The 500mm HC1 produces a 0.1% homogeneous field of volume 260cm. A mounting table is provided to hold the test item inside the homogeneity volume.

The coil assemblies can also be purchased separately from the rest of the system.

The CU1 control unit allows the user to set the field, set any DC compensation as required and receive feedback from the Helmholtz Coil. It can include a National Instruments™ PXI system that operates using LabVIEW™-based software.

Typical applications:

  • Calibration of three-axis magnetic field sensors
  • Creation of a known magnetic environment

Note:  This product is classified as dual-use and requires an export licence outside the EU. See the  Export Licences page  for further details.

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