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Mag-03 Three-Axis Sensors

Mag-03MS Three-Axis Fluxgate MagnetometerSpectramag-6 together with Mag-03MC and MS Three-axis Fluxgate Magnetometers

Three-axis magnetic field sensors | Mag-03

These versatile high-performance fluxgate sensors with integral electronics provide precision measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields in three axes. They are available in a variety of enclosures. Powered from any ±12V supply, outputs are in the form of three analogue voltages from 0 to ±10V, proportional to Bx, By and Bz. 

The range of enclosures means that the sensors can be used in a lab, in the field or underwater. Their low noise and wide (3kHz) bandwidth enable high-accuracy measurements of magnetic fields in a range of circumstances.

Mag-03 | Applications

Mag-03 sensors have a wide range of applications for use in physics, bioelectromagnetics and geophysical exploration, including:

  • Use as feedback sensors on active shielding
  • Measurement of magnetic field disturbances, for example around MRI
  • Geophysics including time domain EM and magneto-telluric
  • Monitoring of magnetic fields during experiments


  • Low noise levels down to <6pT
  • Frequency response from DC to 3kHz (-3dB)
  • A wide range of enclosures adapted to a broad range of requirements: square section, cylindrical, titanium shielded, unpackaged, two part, independent elements
  • Flexibility on measuring range

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Compatible with:

PSU1 power supply unit 

Magmeter-2 power supply and display unit

Spectramag-6 data acquisition unit 

SCU1 signal conditioning unit 

Mag-03DAM data acquisition module 

DAS1 data acquisition system.

Export: an export licence issued by the UK Export Control Organisation is required for this product due to its dual-use nature. Contact for further information.

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