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Mag-03DAM Data Acquisition Unit

Mag-03DAM data acquisition moduleMag-03IE100 sensorMag-03DAM data acquisition module


Data acquisition unit | Mag-03DAM

Providing maximum resolution at low sampling frequencies, this portable six-channel acquisition unit is used for long-term recording of magnetic fields at DC or low frequency. It powers and digitises the signal from one or two compatible magnetic field sensors (such as Mag-03) with a resolution up to 24 bits. If only one sensor is used the other inputs can record analogue signals such as temperature. Mag-03DAM is ideal for monitoring low-frequency signals over a long period of time.

Typical applications 

Mag-03DAM is mainly used for monitoring Earth's magnetic field, including variations associated with space weather (solar flares) for the management of power networks against geomagnetically induced currents (GICs).

  • Selectable sampling frequency, 16 or 24-bit A-D, and low-pass filter frequency
  • Data sampling and storage is controlled by the user's Windows™ PC
  • Acquired data is time stamped and saved to disk
  • Includes low-pass anti-aliasing filter
  • RS-232 communication
  • Mains AC/DC adaptor supplied for battery charging, also enabling continuous operation 

Compatible with:
Mag-03 series

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