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Mag-13 Three-Axis Sensors

Mag-13MC100 sensorsubmarine imageMag-13MS100 sensor

Three-axis magnetic field sensors | Mag-13

The Mag-13 range of sensors provides high-precision, low-noise measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields. The addition of very and ultra-low noise offers ever greater accuracy. The range also includes additional benefits such as a test coil, generating a small known field, and a temperature sensor.

Packaged Mag-13 sensors are environmentally sealed against dust and water ingress and are shielded from electrical interference. A deep-submersible version of Mag-13 as well as an unpackaged one are also available.

Mag-13 | Applications

Different combinations of noise level, measuring range and enclosure make Mag-13 sensors suitable for use in a wide variety of applications in physics, geophysics, bioelectromagnetics and mineral exploration. They are specifically used for:

  • Magnetic surveys
  • Magnetic field cross-calibration
  • Feedback sensors in active shielding systems
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of passive shielding
  • Geophysics EM exploration


  • Integrated test coil and temperature sensor
  • Four noise levels down to <4pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
  • Measuring ranges from ±60μT to ±1000μT
  • Bandwidth of 3kHz
  • Square section, cylindrical and deep submersible enclosures and unpackaged version available
  • Electrical shielding and IP67 rating on land packaged versions

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