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Mag612 Miniature Sensor

Mag612 headMag612 schematicMag612 electronics

Three-axis magnetic field sensor | Mag-612

The Mag612 is a two-part three-axis fluxgate sensor, consisting of a fluxgate probe and separate electronics connected by a cable.

The design enables the compact and lightweight probe to be installed separately from its electronics, up to 3 metres apart.

The probe can be purchased separately by customers who want to design their own electronics. A schematic is also available to assist with the design. Alternatively customers can buy the electronics with the probe, either packaged or unpackaged.


  • Noise floor: ≤ 20pTrms/ √Hz at 1Hz
  • Small probe size: 20 x 20 x 20mm
  • Probe + cable (2m) weights: 15g + 35g
  • Electronics weight: 12g
  • Two-part construction

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