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Mag646 Low Cost Unpackaged Sensor

Low cost unpackaged single axis magnetic field sensor | Mag-646

Mag-646 is our lowest cost sensor. It is an unpackaged, single axis magnetic field sensor and is similar to the Mag670. This compact, versatile, fluxgate sensor provides measurements of static and alternating fields up to 1mT. It has been designed specifically for OEM integration and has two options for orientation of the fluxgate element.

Mag-646 | Applications
Mag-646 is ideal for OEM applications; for use in traffic monitoring, security systems, detection of magnetic materials and magnetic field cancellation systems.


  • Frequency response of DC to >1kHz
  • Measuring ranges of ±100, ±500 or ±1000µT
  • Noise 10-20pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
  • Frequency response from DC to 1kHz
  • Measuring ranges: ±100μT, ±500μT or ±1000 μT
  • Two fluxgate element orientations: in-line or right-angle

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