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Mag670 Low Cost Sensor

Low cost single axis magnetic field sensor | Mag-670

Similar to the Mag646, the Mag-670 is a compact, versatile, low cost fluxgate sensor, providing measurements of static and alternating fields up to 1mT. It is a packaged single axis sensor with two options for orientation of the fluxgate element.

Mag-670 | Applications
Mag-670 is ideal for incorporation into security systems, detection of magnetic materials, and also traffic monitoring.


  • Low cost and exceptional value for money
  • High performance
  • Noise <20pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
  • Frequency response from DC to >1kHz
  • Measuring ranges: ±100μT, ±500μT or ±1000 μT
  • Two fluxgate element orientations: in-line or right-angle
  • Can be integrated into an OEM system or applied directly to provide magnetic field measurements

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