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Magmeter-2 Power Supply and Display Unit

Spectramag-6Magmeter2 Power Supply and Display UnitMagmeter Power Supply and Display Unit

Power supply and signal conditioning unit | Magmeter-2

The Magmeter-2 provides both power for Bartington Instruments' magnetic field sensors and simple access to filtered versions of the sensors' XYZ outputs. Three incorporated, backlit LCD displays show the values of the magnetic field being measured by the connected sensor. Low-pass filtering (9kHz) is applied to all sensor outputs. A high-pass filter (0.1Hz) is also selectable via a front panel switch.

Magmeter-2 has a 4½ digit display and gives 10nT resolution for ranges up to ±100μT, and 100nT resolution for ranges up to ±1000μT. Magmeter-2 gives a maximum resolution of 100nT. Powered by internal rechargeable batteries, the unit is supplied with a mains AC charging adaptor, which enables continuous operation.

Typical application:

• Quick check of magnetic field strength.

Compatible with:

most Bartington Instruments single and three-axis magnetic field sensors.

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