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SCU1 Signal Conditioning Unit

SCU1 signal conditioning unit Mag-03MS 1000 magentic field sensor SCU1 signal conditioning unit

Power supply and signal conditioning unit | SCU1

The mains powered SCU1 combines display, analogue filtering and conditioning of a sensor's analogue output. It is ideal for use in the laboratory with most Bartington magnetic field sensors. SCU1 can be used either as a standalone three-channel magnetic field measuring instrument or as a pre-conditioning unit for an A-D data acquisition system.

SCU1 | Applications
SCU1 is recommended for accurate physics applications and laboratory use, and can be rack mounted where high precision measurement is required.


  • Dual output of conditioned and raw signal
  • Signal conditioning functions: low and high pass filters, selectable gain and offset control on each axis
  • Provides power to one three-axis sensor, with sensor outputs available both as analogue voltages and on LCD displays
  • Both the unconditioned and conditioned (after application of gain, offset and filtering) XYZ signals are available as analogue voltage outputs on the unit back panel
  • When used with Bartington balanced (differential) sensors, the unit converts their analogue outputs into unbalanced (single-ended) signals
  • Power supply voltage to the sensor can be increased for operation over long cables (up to 500m)

Compatible with:

most Bartington Instruments' single and three-axis magnetic field sensors.

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