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Spacemag Magnetometer

Three-axis magnetometer | Spacemag

Bartington Defence & Space offers the Spacemag three-axis fluxgate magnetometer for spaceflight applications. This magnetometer is designed and built for operation on board satellites, and is principally used for the monitoring of spacecraft attitude (i.e. its orientation in space). It can also be used for magnetic field mapping, for instance the Earth’s magnetic field.

Spacemag | Applications

Spacemag is recommended for longer term interplanetary space missions. The magnetometer comes with 150kRad radiation-hardened components, an aluminium casing and ISO 7 assembly as standard. For ground testing, Bartington can also provide units built with standard components to reduce costs to our users.

  • Shock and vibration tested to NASA-STD-7001
  • Vacuum compatible
  • Options with radiation-hardened components
  • Noise: ≤ 20pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz

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