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Rigorous Environmental Specifications

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Rigorous Environmental Specifications

Products designed to withstand extreme environments.

Mag610 / Mag611 High Temperature Three-Axis Fluxgate Probes – probes are operation to 175oC and 215oC respectively.

Mag614 High Temperature Miniature Three-Axis Fluxgate Probe – probe for operation to 175oC, with compact size for easy integration into existing systems.

Mag-03RC Marine Range Magnetometer – underwater magnetometer for offshore magnetic signature measurements and surveillance, cable length up to 2km, underwater mateable connector, test feature for system check.

Mag613 Magnetometer Array – array of eight miniature three-axis fluxgate sensors, submersible in oil filled tank at pressures equivalent to 500m (5 bar); ranges of ±300μT and ±500μT; bandwidth 6Hz; noise below 0.5nTrms/√Hz at 1Hz.