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Photograph Competition

Bartington Instruments Photograph Competition

Here are some past winning entries.

MS2 in use at Eagle Cave, Val Verde County Texas
February 2016
Won by SWCA

Surveying Eagle Cave in Lower Pecos archaeological region in Val Verde County, Texas.


Grad601 at Tyrella Bay, Northern Ireland
July 2015
Won by University of Bristol

Surveying site of the SS Great Britain’s grounding at Tyrella Bay, Northern Ireland, in 1846.


MS3 + MS2K magnetic susceptibility system
July 2015
Won by University of Ghent

Study into soil weathering processes, using magnetic susceptibility to measure volcanic ash soils.


Grad601 at Saruq al-Hadid
March 2015
Won by Archaeological Services Durham University

Survey at Saruq al-Hadid Iron Age metal working site undertaken by Duncan Hale.


Grad601 at Khirbet al-Mafjar
December 2014
Won by University of Northern Colorado

Professor Andy Creekmore uses a Grad601 to survey Khirbat al-Mafjar, an Islamic archaeological site from the 8th century near Jericho in the West Bank.


Grad601 at Amara West, Sudan
December 2014
Won by British School at Rome. Photo by Sophie Hay.

The photograph shows an ancient cemetery at Amara West in Sudan being surveyed, at the exact point where a pyramid tomb was discovered.


Spectramag-6 in clean room
June 2014
Won by Systron EMV GmbH


Mag-01H D/I system used to measure
        declination and inclination of magnetic field
June 2014
Won by IPM Magnetics


Grad601 three-axis fluxgate gradiometer
December 2013
Won by Western University Canada


Grad601 three-axis fluxgate gradiometer system  Mag-01H declinometer/inclinometer system Grad601 three-axis fluxgate gradiometer system 
June 2013
Won by Michigan State University
Won by Tech21
Won by University of Glasgow