Defence & Aerospace Magnetometers

We provide a range of high performance magnetometers and associated acquisition systems to meet the specialised requirements of land, sea and air defence forces and contractors.

We design and manufacture magnetic field measurement instruments for the aerospace sector, including fluxgate sensors for integration into magnetic anomaly detection and surveillance systems for civilian and military applications.

We have seen a significant increase in the use of military grade fluxgate sensors aboard unmanned aircraft (UAV) and drones. We also offer digital fluxgate magnetometers, which make ideal standalone sensors for airborne measurements, such as in the sensor package in UAVs.

We also offer systems for calibration of compasses used on aircraft, including for calibration checks of compass bases or pads located at an airport or an military base. For checks of compasses after removal from aircraft, the system can be used to monitor for changes in declination during the calibration procedure. Our range of Helmholtz coils can also be used to perform compass calibration.