Magnetic Shields

These Mumetal cylindrical shields distort the magnetic field around their layers, thereby shielding contents from external magnetic fields.

Open- and capped-end versions of the shields are available. They have additional shielding at either end of the sample chamber, and are therefore less reliant on orientation. The open-end version is most efficient when the axis of the shield is aligned in a magnetic East-West direction. The capped-end version is available in two internal diameters.

Both versions typically attenuate the Earth’s field of ~50,000nT to a level of ~1nT, enabling you to measure remanent magnetism in small components or errors in magnetic sensors.

In the event of mechanical shock and/or exposure to strong fields, low-level magnetism may accumulate inside the cylinder. This can be removed with the Degaussing Wand, ensuring that the field inside the cylinder is as close as possible to zero before critical measurements are made.


  • Features TLMS-O100 open-end magnetic shield:

    • Open ended for easy access
    • Guide rails inside the cylinder

    Features TLMS-C100 and TLMS-C200 capped-end magnetic shield:

    • Capped ends with removable front three-layer lid
    • Internal diameters of 100 or 200mm
    • 4mm test earth socket