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Bartington Instruments is a leading provider of high-precision fluxgate magnetometers, magnetic susceptibility equipment and Helmholtz Coil systems.  We offer a range of products and services with applications across a host of sectors:

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Latest News

Grad-13 Cart System now available

Date: 03-May-2017
The Grad-13 cart based system is now available. The system comprises our new digital three-axis gradiometers, a multiplexing box for 4 or 8 sensors, a non-magnetic cart and suitable data acquisition software with GPS integration software from Geomar Software. Data visualisation takes place using sof..
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Helmholtz Coil System with Active Cancellation now available

Date: 09-Jan-2017
Bartington Instruments can now supply Helmholtz Coil systems with active cancellation. This sub-system, the CU2, consists of a closed loop module and reference sensor. These enable active cancellation of DC fields and attenuation of low frequency AC magnetic fields. The CU2 is used with the ..
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New HC16 Three-Axis Helmholtz Coil

Date: 09-Jan-2017
Bartington Instruments is pleased to announce the release of a new Helmholtz coil, the HC16. This 350mm diameter coil is built on a non-conductive coil former and provides an aperture of 13.7 x 14cm. The HC16, when driven by the PA1 Power Amplifier, generates a magnetic field of up to &plusm..
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