mag629 with cable

Aerospace Magnetometers

We design and manufacture a range of fluxgate magnetometers used within aerospace applications. This includes magnetic field sensors for integration into magnetic anomaly detection and navigation systems.

Our aerospace qualified fluxgate sensors  are also used aboard unmanned aircraft (UAV) and drones. We have developed digital fluxgate magnetometers, which make ideal standalone sensors for airborne measurements, such as in the sensor package in UAVs.

We also offer systems for aircraft compass calibration, including for calibration checks of airfield compass pads. Our Helmholtz coil systems can be used for compass calibration, with a range of sizes to suit instruments size. 

For instruments fitted near navigation systems, our fluxgate magnetometers are used to determine compass safe distances.

Aerospace Magnetometers

Magnetometer for Saab Gripen C Aircraft

Bartington Instruments has recently completed development of a replacement Magnetometer for the Gripen C multi-role combat aircraft.